The Henri Dunn Series

Henri Dunn was damn good at being a vampire, until her immortality was ripped away from her. Now all she wants is to be left alone until she can get her fangs back, but nothing is ever that easy.

The Henri Dunn Series is an exciting new Urban Fantasy series you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

The Immortality Cure (Book 1) 


TheImmortalityCure-Final-Small Six months ago, Henri was turned from a vampire into a human against her will. Now, after almost a century of being an immortal monster, Henri is human again and she’s not loving it: her body aches, she has too many mortal needs, and the other vampires shun her as a Blood Traitor. All she can do is keep her head down and bide her time until she can find a way to get her immortality back.

When vials of the serum are stolen from the lab and a vampire is murdered, Henri must find the real killer to clear her name or be executed for a crime she didn’t commit.

Published July 13, 2016. 

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Bloodless (Book 2)


Henri Dunn would love to avoid vampire bullshit for the foreseeable future, but the universe has other plans. When an exsanguinated corpse is left in the dumpster behind her workplace, Henri knows it’s a some kind of twisted message meant for her. It’s just not one she can decipher.

In addition to that terrifying puzzle, Henri’s new ex-vampire roommate is not adapting well to human life and a Cure-obsessed vampire is stalking her.

When another exsanguinated body is left in front of Henri’s apartment building, it becomes clear that a vicious serial killer is fixated on her. Henri must figure out who’s behind these terrible murders and stop them before she becomes the next victim.

Published: September 7, 2016

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Sanguinity (Book 3)


If there’s anything Henri Dunn wants to avoid more than vampire drama, it’s drama involving witches.

So when a witch from the local guild asks Henri to look into a double murder committed with ritual magic, Henri would love to say no, until she finds out the victims were both vampires. Henri can’t just walk away from that. After all, some of her worst friends are vampires.

Not to mention that if the vampires find out their brethren are being used in some nefarious magic ritual, it’s bound to spark a war between the vampires and witches that will decimate the arcane community. 

Of course, it’d be easier to face a malicious, evil witch if Henri had her fangs back, but none of the vampires are biting, literally or figuratively, and her best vampire ally is still lost in some kind of vampiric coma. 

If Henri wants any hope of becoming immortal again, she must stop these death rituals and bring the witch responsible to justice before the vampires she cares about become targets. 

Publication: February 27, 2017

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