The Immortality Cure is Out Today!

I’m so excited that The Immortality Cure, Henri Dunn’s first adventure, is now out in the world. It’s the first in a new Urban Fantasy series with vampires, sarcasm, bitter waiters, and over-the-top immortals. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m so proud of this book. Get Your … [Read more…]

The Immortality Cure Cover Reveal

The Immortality Cure, the first installment of my new urban fantasy series comes out this summer, and I’ve been so eager to share! Here’s the blurb: Henri Dunn was damn good at being a vampire until her immortality was forcibly ripped away from her. Six months ago, Henri was made an unwilling test subject for serum … [Read more…]

New Covers, New Imprint, New Book!

Hey, what’s that? Up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is a UFO? No, wait… it’s a shiny new cover for The Demon’s Deadline. Same book. New cover. Do you love it? Because I really love it. I loved the old cover and it was gorgeous. But this one puts Nicki front and center … [Read more…]