Geek Girl Con ’14 – Where to Find Me

GeekGirlCon_-_2014-10-06_12.08.25Geek Girl Con is this weekend, October 11-12, in downtown Seattle. This will be the con’s fourth year. I’ve gone every year since its inception and it’s easily one of the best, most laid-back, inclusive cons I’ve ever been to. It’s also crazy well organized. All con organizers should go and take notes. If you’re in Seattle, you should totally consider dropping by. (And if you’re going and haven’t bought your pass yet, they tend to sell out, so you might want to do that right now. It’s okay. I’ll wait.)

If you’ll be there, here’s where you can find me.

Panels I Am On:

Diversity in YA Lit – Sunday, 10 am, Room 301/302
Representation is vital for people of all races, sexualities, gender identities, and abilities. According to Malinda Lo’s 2013 Diversity in YA website, only 15% of NYT Bestselling YA Books had people of color as main characters, and only 12% of books had LGBTQ main characters. This panel will examine the market today, what readers want versus the disconnect with publishers’ diversity, and what we can do to improve the number of diverse books for teens.

Panels I Will Probably Attend:

Queerbaiting in Genre Television: Representation or Exploitation?  – Saturday, 4pm, RM 302

Sex Scenes from the Female Gaze – Saturday, 7pm, LL2

Fatness & Fandom – Sunday, 1 pm, Rm 303 (I will definitely attend this panel, unless a meteor strikes me in the head)

Fierce Reads Tour – Sunday, 2 pm, Rm 301/302
(I’m torn, because while I’m like “YAY YA!” I’m also like, this panel is happening at the same time:)
Gaylaxy Quest: Exploring Queer Fantasy and Science Fiction – Sunday, 2pm, RM 303

Women in Comedy – Sunday, 4 PM, RM LL3

I will be at other panels, I’m sure, these are just my top picks. (And there are so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down.) I’ll be running around the con and circling the dealer’s room like a shark all weekend long. I’m also super determined to spend a few hours in the game room this time. Settlers of Catan? Y/y?

If you want to hit me up during the con, ping me on Twitter @ToriCentanni. I’ll be around all weekend. Feel free to say hi. I love to chat about books and games, play games, or just hang out. I’m friendly, if slightly awkward. 🙂