The Immortality Cure is Out Today!

I’m so excited that The Immortality Cure, Henri Dunn’s first adventure, is now out in the world. It’s the first in a new Urban Fantasy series with vampires, sarcasm, bitter waiters, and over-the-top immortals. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m so proud of this book.


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Some Things You Should Know About It:

I’m Team Vampire. I’ve loved vampires ever since I was small child and first saw The Count on Sesame Street. Over the years, I’ve read an astounding number of vampire books in every genre and will watch basically anything if it has fanged immortals.

This book is the vampire urban fantasy book I’ve been wanting to read. One that revels in the monsters and appreciates what makes vampires awesome.

It’s about how being a person is hard. 2015 was really terrible year for me personally. I won’t go into details but it started bad, got worse, and then ended in tragedy when my brother passed away. I don’t write stories with a theme in mind but one always comes out on the pages, and when I was editing this book, I realized that is what Henri’s journey is about: being a person is really damn hard.

This is the first in a series but can be read as a stand-alone. Not all the loose ends are tied up (and Henri still has a boatload of problems) but there’s no cliffhanger. And if after you read it, you’re itching for more, Book 2 will be published this Fall.

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Buy It! – This one is obvious, but it’s true. Sales help in terms of both sales numbers and visibility via rankings.

Leave a Review – If you enjoy the book (or even if you don’t), consider leaving a review on the site where you purchased your copy.

Tell Your Friends – Word of mouth is the number one way people discover books. If you like it and/or think your friend/sister/cousin/coworker would like it, let them know about it. Talk about it on social media. Recommend it to vampire fans. 🙂

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