1. It’s really great that you’re able to see that you’re panicking about this story thing, but knowing that you come out the other end. Doesn’t it make you feel all wise? You have wisdom! Hoot, hoot! (owl, get it?)

    I still think you should post pictures of your calendar with the stickers every month 🙂

    That is a very great quote!

    That’s funny–I wrote the same thing about what else is going on. There’s other life out there? I generally seem to be asking myself that question, but this week I really had to think very hard to come up with anything.

    I still haven’t watched Veronica Mars.

    …and I just got a notification that you just commented on my blog. That is funny–we’re reading each other’s blogs at the same time.

  2. It’s weird what kinds of things motivate us, isn’t it? For me, it’s the ridiculously simple joy of being able to check a task off a list. And, yes, that even includes squeezing writing in. 🙂 Hey, whatever works, right? I might have to try out this sticker thing. Have a wonderful week, Tori!

  3. I hear you on the 20k slump. I go through that, too. But I have to ignore it and just keep going. If I thought too much about all the revision I’ll have to do, I’d never get through a draft. It seems more manageable when the draft is finished! Good luck and keep it up!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

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